Nicole Chateau
Color Specialist

Specializing in color, color correction, vivids, and haircuts.

"Ultimately, your hair is the accessory you wear every day, and I see it a form of art, I look forward to creating art with you!"

I'm originally from Phoenix, Arizona. When I was younger I thought I was going to be a doctor, and began a major in chemistry. But the arts were calling to me! In college I tried drawing, sculpture, photography, and design. Finally,  I found hair and knew it was MY medium. I specialize in vivid colors and cutting, which allows my love of chemistry and art to come together as one.

As a long time color educator, I’ve spent years thinking about color theory; the how and why of colors that just seem to look “right” on a client’s face. When you are in my chair, you can expect a thoughtful discussion about what hair color is best suited to you, your curls, and your lifestyle.

I’m a fountain of music knowledge and a fashion lover too, so expect we might talk about that's if you’re so inclined! I’m also a self-taught fiber artist and see that as an extension of my 20+ years in the hairdressing industry. Ultimately, your hair is the accessory you wear every day, and I see it as a form of art. I look forward to creating art with you!

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