Patty Del Cid
Stylist, Innersense Organic Beauty Educator 

Specializing in curly haircuts & healthy long hair.

"I am a perfectionist and pay attention to detail.

I am an advocate for long hair and stress on how important it is to keep the hair healthy; through nutrition, product knowledge, and how to  treat your hair and scalp."

It is very rewarding to witness how my clients face lights up when they see their transformation from the before and after. I take pride in my work and love to teach. It is not only about creating the look but teaching so that the style can be recreated at home. 

My mom died when I was very young. I grew up unaware that amongst the many talents that she had, she had been a hairstylist!  I realize now looking back, my desire and passion for becoming a hairstylist have been discovered innately.

I devote myself to staying fit and having fun by Latin dancing and swimming. Dancing is entertaining and creates great friendships with people in the dance community. Swimming is meditative and relaxing, yet gives me the cardio I need without stressing the joints. I love to teach both children and adults how to swim and how to dance as well.

I am known to be very patient, caring, loving, and giving. I am also a single mom and am blessed with two beautiful adult children.

I love my Twist family! We all view each other as vital individuals that form a team. Together we strive!

It is important to have a connection with my clients and to have open communication. If something is not working out, let's make it right!

Looking forward to meeting you soon!

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