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Hayat Gana

Currently taking Twist Cuts  and all treatments. Training to perfect color and highlight services. 

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My name is Hayat, also known as Hayoota. I am originally born in Algeria in the city of Tiaret, immigrated to the Bay Area at the age of five, and was raised in Berkeley California.

I mention my background because my naturally curly hair has been deemed hard to handle, disheveled, unprofessional, and unruly from both of my beloved countries.


It wasn’t until I fried my hair with bleach and silk presses to conform to the unhealthy norms of the beauty industry that I realized I need to fulfill my childhood dream of becoming a hairstylist, better yet, a Curly Hair Specialist, a demand that has not been met nor recognized!

Curl Professional

Hayat's Schedule:  Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday

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