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Curl Coach

Currently taking Twist Cuts and all treatments. Training to perfect color and highlight services. 

"In my own discovery of self-love, I decided I wanted others to feel the same, and to create a chair for people to sit in where they feel heard, and supported, and can leave with a bundle of knowledge and newfound joy for themselves."

I am a proud Oakland native and began my journey as a curl specialist when I started cosmetology school in 2022. I quickly devoured the knowledge I was given and couldn’t wait to get my hands on some hair! I began with the intention of breaking into the textured hair world and contributing to the growing movement of people not only accepting their natural hair but celebrating it. I believe we all deserve to love ourselves and I am super committed to helping my clients do just that! This journey has been and continues to be very transformative for me and I only hope to share that with my clients. 


Kenya's Schedule:  Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

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