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 ~ Twist Treatments ~
Because every curl deserves to be healthy!

Open Mist Hydrating Treatment

The Spa Mist allows curls to hydrate by using a soft microscopic water mist naturally. This boosts our clean beauty treatments to nourish the hair and scalp. 

Spa Mist Hydrating Treatment

This is an intensive hydrating treatment. The Spa Mist fills the cap infusing the hair with moisture and uniform warmth. Turning ordinary treatments into care treatments.  


Bond Building Repair Treatment

The Bond Builder repair treatment for dry, damaged hair. Curls are already fragile and can compromise easily. This treatment helps to restore, rebuild and strengthen the hair allowing for better moisture retention and spring. The Bond Builder helps speed up the process while you are starting your curl journey. 

Peppermint Scalp Scrub

This invigorating pre-cleanse scrub removes impurities and restores hydration to the scalp.

All of these treatments could be added on to any full cut or color se

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