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Curl Coach

Specializing in curly hair styling and offer personalized home care routines tailored just for you

Hello, curl friends! My name is Ayanna, pronounced (uh-yaw-nuh) but you can also call me Yanna! I was born and raised in The Bay Area and I also lived a few years in Sacramento.  


I started my cosmetology journey to become a professional in June of 2021 at the Cinta Aveda Institute of San Francisco. Off the bat, I knew I wanted to specialize in curly hair. As a curly girly myself I have experienced ALL the stories about never properly understanding how to care for my hair. The dreadful overly fried hair from years of straightening it every day.  The wet cuts and leaving the salon crying, being traumatized because they cut too much!  Telling myself I’ll never get my hair cut again.   Starting my natural hair journey by cutting my hair above my shoulders over and over again. The countless money spent on products trying to figure out what worked best for my hair;  I’m sure many of you can relate! 

The little girl in me who wanted to fit in and the teenager in me who desperately wanted to feel beautiful is why I decided to become a curly hair professional. Because of these experiences that I went through myself, it truly made me feel for all the curly girls around the world and made me realize I was determined to make a difference. Through the years we were always made to feel that our hair wasn’t pretty enough, that it was too hard to manage, and that it needed to be straight to be deemed professional and beautiful. I want to help women all around the world embrace how beautiful their NATURAL HAIR IS; the hair that they were born with, so that they too won’t have to experience the years of trauma that I once faced. After all, curly hair is MAGICAL and I want to help all of those who step into my chair feel amazing!




Yanna's Schedule: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.

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